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A Boutique Agency and Large Creative Agency – Who Should you Hire?

A Boutique Agency and Large Creative Agency – Who Should you Hire?

When we started Krei, we believed strongly in building strong relationships with our clients and taking the time to understand the details. From the meaning behind their brand to mapping out the entire journey with them. So in what scenarios should you consider hiring a boutique agency instead of a large one? 

Why a boutique agency might be more suitable for you


Compared to bigger firms, we offer lite and advanced packages for digital services like social media marketing, suitable for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Clients who do not have a marketing team usually opt for such plans as it requires them to pay on a monthly basis to get their digital marketing done. This cuts their expenses on employee wages as we settle the work for them with our team. The monthly flat fee also costs less than hiring a Full-time Marketing Manager.


We rarely have stable working hours and as a small company, we are on the ball almost 24/7, 356. Yes, we are usually available on weekends too. Due to the fast working nature of our agency, clients with urgent projects that need to be delivered as soon as possible can count on us to be efficient and responsive. Instead of sending emails back and forth, we communicate via messaging groups to get the job done fast, furious & beautifully. 


We’re in it for the long run & are always looking to form closer relationships with our clients whether it’s to do a smaller scope of projects from ad-hoc designing to catching up over coffee. If you’re a Founder who prefers having direct contact with those building your brand and creatives, a boutique agency might be the one for you. 

Our take is to follow what feels most comfortable for you as either way, your business needs should be met by both types of agencies. If you’re not sure which to go for, we recommend referring to your existing budget to make a decision as you will definitely be able to produce a larger quantity of collaterals from hiring a boutique agency compared to a larger one.


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