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Bootcamps – Basics of Social Media

Basics of
Social Media

Designed for anyone who needs to understand social media and develop practical skills to marketing on various social media platforms. Focused on Instagram & Facebook, the top 2 platforms used by businesses, gain knowledge and the ability to execute your next social media campaign that includes organic and paid advertising strategies.

A Quick Glance Into This Course

What You Will Learn

Knowledge of Consumer Purchasing Framework

Understand Social Media Marketing Strategies

Understand Principles of Content Creation

Platforms and Their Uses

Upcoming Social Media Trends And Features

Planning Content Calendar

Execute A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Manage Instagram & Facebook Advertisement Campaigns

Social Media Monitoring

Analyze Marketing Campaign Metrics

Now Available Online

Due to COVID-19 and cancellation of physical bootcamps, we will be temporarily hosting our bootcamps online. Don’t worry, our online workshops will be done in small class sizes to ensure optimal learning experience for you.

  • Solo (Online)
  • $ 25.90

    for a Single Workshop

  • • Access to this online workshop, and all its materials

What You Will Take Away From This

Social Media Content Calendar

Learn to build a comprehensive content calendar for a month or year long campaign. This template is easy to use and apply for subsequent social media related projects.

Connect with Like-Minded in Our Online Community

Join our telegram group chat where you can ask us questions you may have and learn from others as well. Who says the learning has to stop after the workshop?

A Certificate of Completion

Share and post your certificate on LinkedIn after completing our workshop. You have now mastered the foundation of social media marketing!

We'll Be Back!

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