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Bootcamps – Building Your E-commerce Site

Building Your
E-commerce Site

Now with the oversaturation of e-commerce sites in the market, how do you ensure your website stands out as credible and distinctive amongst the others? This course teaches the basics of web design and content for anyone interested in setting up their own store online, and actually helps you get started on the your e-commerce site by the end of the lesson.

A Quick Glance Into This Course

What You Will Learn

Structuring the Base of your Site

Learn from Best Practices in the Industry

Avoid and Remedy Beginner Mistakes

Creation of Successful Web Content

Attracting Customers to Your Site

Basics of SEO Optimisation

Sustaining a Relationship with Customers

Using Images and Colors in Web Design

Understanding the Different Platforms

Setting Up a Site on Shopify

What You Will Take Away From This

The Start Of Your Own E-commerce Site

You would not only have the base of your website's content and design done up, but also start the creation of your site using the most popular e-commerce plaform: Shopify

Connect with Like-Minded in Our Online Community

Join our telegram group chat where you can ask us questions you may have and learn from others as well. Who says the learning has to stop after the workshop?

A Certificate of Completion

Share and post your certificate on LinkedIn after completing our workshop. You have now mastered the foundation of website creation for e-commerce!

We'll Be Back!

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