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Bootcamps – Introduction to HTML & CSS

Introduction to

HTML & CSS are the basic fundamental coding languages that make up front-end website development. HTML defines the structure of the website, while CSS contains instructions to beautify the website. Together, they are essential knowledge for anyone looking to build their website.

What You Will Learn

Website Wireframing

IDs & Classes

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Building a Navigation Bar

Embedding Links and Images

Creating Columns and Rows

Importing Custom Fonts

Building a Functional Landing Page

What You Will Take Away From This

Your Own Portfolio Site Landing Page

Have your very own functional portfolio site landing page coded entirely from scratch! Equipped with basic front-end skills, you are ready to make something great.

Connect with Like-Minded in Our Online Community

Join our telegram group chat where you can ask us questions you may have and learn from others as well. Who says the learning has to stop after the workshop?

A Certificate of Participation

Share and post your certificate after completing our workshop. You have now mastered the foundation of HTML & CSS, which will give you an edge in the industry.


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