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Bootcamps – Lead Generation & Email Marketing Automation

Lead Generation &
Email Marketing Automation

Created for those who have a small business and want to build a sales funnel through digital touchpoints. The landing page we will be creating during the bootcamp is the first step of capturing leads, working hand in hand with email marketing to convert and retain potential customers. You will also be equipped with sufficient knowledge to start sending out your emails or use SMS marketing by the end of the lesson.

A Quick Glance Into This Course

What You Will Learn

Basics of a Simple Lead Generation Machine

Elements of a Landing Page

Create a Landing Page on MailChimp

Attributes of Successful Email Marketing

Creating an Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Template

Email Marketing Metrics

Basic Guidelines of PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act)

Introduction to SMS Marketing

What You Will Take Away From This

Your Landing Page & Email Template on Mailchimp

Finish the lesson with your very own landing page built on MailChimp. You can now start to generate leads for your email marketing, and send emails out with ease using the templates built during the lesson.

Connect with Like-Minded in Our Online Community

Join our telegram group chat where you can ask us questions you may have and learn from others as well. Who says the learning has to stop after the workshop?

A Certificate of Completion

Share and post your certificate on LinkedIn after completing our workshop. You are now able to create a landing page and EDMs on Mailchimp, as well as start SMS marketing.

We'll Be Back!

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