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How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Instagram has come a long from just being a photo and video-sharing social media application, and is now a global platform that allows businesses to humanize their content, showcase product offerings, and increase brand awareness — all with the tools and features offered. Compared to the myriad of other social media channels, Instagram boasts almost 59% of engaged users who use the application daily, and spend at least 7 hours a week browsing content and interacting with friends and brands. 

You might be thinking, well that’s cool and all but what does it have to do with driving traffic to my website? Unlike other platforms, marketing your business on Instagram allows you to capture the attention of an already engaged audience; making the platform your fast-pass ticket to more clicks and conversions — but if and only if done right. Here, we share a few strategic methods to drive traffic from Instagram, and how the platform can turn a profit for your brand.


Instagram ads are a guaranteed method to reach wider audiences, and with a potential reach of almost 850 million people worldwide, it can become a huge advantage for your brand — with the right strategy! Take for example ads from Casetify, and watch how the team focuses on a strong call-to-action that encourages clicks and drives more traffic to their website. 


To ensure the success of your Instagram ads, be sure that you’re going into it with a clear end-goal in mind. Not only will this help to define your target audience, creative requirements, and budget, it will also make the whole process more targeted and efficient! If, however, you’re struggling with figuring out the right strategy, start a conversation with us and we’ll help you with all your Instagram marketing needs!


Your brand’s Instagram bio makes prime real estate being the first thing audiences see, and is one of the most valuable traffic-drivers on your Instagram profile. Instead of just limiting your bio to one link, consider exploring tools like Linkin.bio by Later or LinkTree that creates an entire landing page leading to multiple links — this way, you’re able to direct followers to the latest launch, article, or blog post all from the same link! All you have to do then, is add strategic call-to-action on your bio and on each post.

But don’t stop there! You should be adding call-to-actions and links wherever you can, be it on Stories, IGTV, Guides or Reels, the larger your bases the higher the chances your brand has!


Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows brands to tag products directly onto feed and story posts, making it one of the easiest methods for conversion as it directs audiences directly to the website. 

Check out how Lululemon features a shoppable feed with the help of their brand ambassadors! If, as a follower, you like what the brand ambassador or influencer is wearing, all you would have to do is click into the product tag and it would take you to the product page, or website’s checkout for an instant purchase! 

To use this feature, you must meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be located in one of the countries that the feature is currently available in
  2. You need an Instagram Business Account
  3. Your business must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies
  4. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog — which can be easily created and managed on Business Manager, either on Facebook, Shopify, or BigCommerce.

When armed with the right tools and strategies, Instagram can contribute as a huge traffic driver to your brand — before getting started though, it’s worth taking the time to assess the creative assets and capabilities you have on-hand, as well as your budget for marketing. While the advice we’ve shared here has presented results for the brands we’ve cross-examined, it is still a process of experimentation before you finally settle on what works best for your brand’s unique market. 



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